Adoptions Certificate - England & Wales - Standard - 20 Business Day Despatch
Before completing the Adoption Certificate application process ensure the information you have provided is as accurate and complete as possible.

Whilst we will automatically undertake a basic verification search to confirm the adoption details entered are correct, if insufficient or inaccurate information is provided this will inevitably lead to delays, the possibility of extra fees being incurred or the entry not being found.

Verification searches will be made in the year quoted along with the year either side. If we are faced with any discrepancies we will contact you promptly.

The fields marked with an asterisk are Required Fields and will need to be completed accordingly.

If the adopted father’s details are not available, please enter “unknown” in the respective fields.

Please ensure that you enter your post-adoption details, not original birth information.
Is the GRO Reference number known? * YES NO
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